Workplace Fall Prevention Strategies  



A brief moment of inattention like thinking about personal issues could result in a fall at the place of work. Sometimes the result of the fall can be catastrophic as one can succumb to unimaginable injuries. A number of people have fallen victim to workplace falls. Fortunately, falls can be prevented in the workplace and these strategies like having the industrial guardrail will help you curb avoid them.

It is highly advisable that your facility should maintain the highest safety and housekeeping practices as it’s vital in the prevention of scenarios like falls. If such measures aren’t put in place, the company may be forced to cover insurance costs as well as regulatory issues with the authorities. A clean and well organized organization shows an efficient safety program. Implementing this program however requires assignment of duties accordingly, proper planning and finally the implementation.

A number of injuries have been due to slippery surfaces. It is therefore important to ensure that places which may happen to have such surfaces like food preparation areas for instance have signs put up to warn anyone approaching those areas. Areas like parking lots should always be clean. Using adhesive striping materials and mats that can absorb moisture if indoors is also advisable. In food preparation areas use the appropriate rugs.

Putting things on the stairwells, corridors and entrances which may turn out to be obstacles could lead to falls and very serious injuries. So such behavior should be avoided at all costs. Housekeeping practices will also work in this case and at the same time cleaning should be done without any interference. Everything needs to be stored in an orderly fashion that includes files, boxes and employee briefcases. Inspections should be done from time to time to make sure all these procedures are effective.

It is imperative that the organization or company maintains a proper lighting system and industrial guardrail system as lack of this could result in unforeseen accidents. Where there are hallways, staircases, escalators, areas under construction, and so forth, there needs to be proper lighting. Areas with poor lighting should be kept obstacle free. Light switches should be accessible and easily noticeable. In case of malfunctions, repairs should be done with immediate effect. It is also advisable for employees to mind their personal behavior and avoid any kind of distractions while at work. Using cell phones while walking or even carrying things that hinder your vision is also discouraged.


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